How Real Quest Realty Began

Josie Manna opened up Real Quest Realty in 1991.  Working  at that time out of a small trailer with a couple of agents.   Then in 2005 she franchised her company into Royal LePage Real Quest Realty where more agents joined her team. 

Josie Manna  was born a leader (not a boss).  She was a coach, not just in Real Estate but also life experiences.  She loved to listen and do her best to guide her agents to be successful agents.  Unfortunately Josie was diagnosed with MS in 2007.  It was a devastating diagnosis but she was a always a fighter, having opened her own company at the time when Real Estate was low and she was a woman doing it to boot.  She perserved and went full force with the support of her company as well as her collegues.

In 2010 Josie when to India to try a new treatment for MS and this gave her more motivation to work harder than ever.  June 2015 Josie fight was over and she sadly passed.

In 2016 Josie's daugher Anastasia Langiano wanted to carry on her mother's legacy with Royal LePage Real Quest Realty and got her real estate license.  Her brother Julian Langiano shortly after also wanted to join the team.  Both Anastasia and Julian are the co-owners of the company.  They are keeping their mothers morals, practices and procedures in place which has continued to keep Real Quest Realty sucessful and thrive today.  

                           Josie Manna 1966-2015

                   Josie' memorial tree in Tudhope Park, Orillia

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